Strategic Project Location

Sahar Oil Refinery is located on the Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf, which offers competitive advantages in terms of proximity to target markets, suitable water flow, and deep shores. The island, which hosts a 300 square kilometer (116-square-mile) free zone jurisdiction, is 135 km long, and is located 60 kilometers (37 miles) from the Omani port of Khasab, and about 180 kilometers (112 miles) from the UAE Port Rashid. The island comprises 59 towns and villages and the population is approximately 100,000. The Free Zones is connected to the nationwide electricity network. Moreover, power stations have been installed in the Zone, and the water is provided by many desalination facilities and a few wells. Internationally connected telecommunication is also available in the Island.

The free trade zone of Qeshm Island provides the benefits as follows:

  • Tax exemption for 20 years from the date of operation for all economic activities
  • Freedom of entry and exit of capital and profits
  • Protection and guarantees for foreign investments
  • Abolition of entry visas and an easy issue of residence permits for foreigners
  • Facilitated regulation on labor relations, employment and social security
  • Transfer of part manufactured goods to the mainland without paying customs duties
  • Elimination of pay customs duties on imports from outside to the region and vice versa
  • Employing trained and skilled manpower in all different skill levels and professions
  • Utilization of raw materials, oil and gas as feedstock and fuel for all industrial activities
  •  Close proximity to an international airport. It is important to note that this refinery also has easy access to both sea and road transportation, and a railway in the future.