About Sahar Oil Refinery Company

Sahar Oil Refinery Company as a 100% private joint stock corporation intends to establish a plant for refining Iranian heavy crude oil in Free Trade Zone of Qeshm Island with a capacity of 40,000 BPD. The company has all the necessary permits for feed, construction, and operation.

Our board members posses a wealth of administrative and technical experience in many mega projects (public and private sectors), especially oil industry (onshore and offshore), have been selected wisely to reach required integration in all the aspects including “Design & Engineering”, “Procurement & Construction”, and “Operation and Marketing”.

Sahar Oil Refinery Company’s subject of activity includes: constructing, commissioning and administration of local and foreign oil refineries; carrying out all affaires in relation with refining of oil and other hydrocarbons; producing oil products; constructing and commissioning local and foreign petrochemical and chemical complexes; exporting and importing all authorized goods of trade; reserving, mixing, barreling, packaging, replacing wrappings, increasing swapping of raw materials, oil, gas, petrochemical and chemical products; purchasing and selling all authorized goods and technology, technical systems towards the benefits of the company


Cooperation Approaches

Partnership with interested investors who are willing to invest in the Sahar Oil Refinery Project in a shareholder capacity with an estimated IRRE of 34%.

Project finance from banks/institutions that are capable of financing the Sahar Oil Project; the amount is estimated at ~$200MM.

EPCF contractors who have the financial ability in addition to knowledge and competency.

We are also open to other suggestions such as buyback, joint venture, and EPC to proceed with the project.