Project Features

The project is located on 60 hectares of land at a strategic point on Qeshm Island. The site is on the North Shore of Qeshm Island, close to the Gulf and south of Shahid Rajaee jetty in Bandar Abbas. Cooperation is possible for use of the marine and emergency services.

  • The project site is located in the Kaveh Oil Industrial Zone, which provides Sahar Refinery access to the facilities in the industrial zone including Kaveh jetty.
  • The site distance from a common oil jetty is 2 kilometers. Qeshm Free Trade Zone Organization designs and constructs the jetty.
  • Sahar Refinery is located near the Ghadir (MAPNA) 500 MW power plant, which will supply utilities such as electricity and water to the refinery at a reasonable price.
  • The 60 hectares of land significantly reduces the costs and complexities of the future expansion.
  • Kaveh jetty is capable of giving wharfage to floaters with 100,000 tons capacity thanks to suitable water flows and very deep shores (23.5 meters).
  • Iran heavy export crude oil will be the only feed for the refinery. It has an API of ~ 30 and invariant specifications which guarantee the continuous production of high quality products. The proportions of final products are shown in the adjacent chart.